Imported Coal

Imported Coal

Coal remains the single largest source of the world’s electricity supply and likely to remain so for atleast another decade - to meet the ever increasing energy demands of Homes, Commercial Estabishments and Industries.

Unlike other Fossil Fuels - Coal only needs to be mined before it can be used. Other Fossil Fuels must be refined, using lengthy and costly processes. Coal is easier and safer to transport, store and handle than alternate highly flammable fossil fuels like oil & gas or nuclear materials.

Coal is also significantly cheaper, more accessible than other fossil fuels and its reserves are distributed much more equally around the planet. India too has vast reserves of coal. However the mining by state owned Coal India Ltd. (CIL) falls short of the demand. India imports nearly 170 million MT coal annually

GIMPEX started trading in coal in the year 2009 and since then has been on a growth trajectory in terms of volume and reach to customers. Majority of our imports are from Indonesia and USA which come into all major ports across the Indian Peninsula. Tapping the experience and expertise developed over decades of handling of Bulk Minerals, GIMPEX undertakes import of coal using Chartered Vessels and delivers the coal by Rakes/ Truck to our customer’s factory.

Types of Coal we can source of various origins include

  • Steam Coal
  • Anthracite Coal
  • Coking Coal
  • Pet Coke

Gimpex caters to requirement of following Industries

  • Thermal Power
  • Cement Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Smaller Requirements of Various Buyers are met through "Stock and Sale"

GIMPEX’s target markets for Coal Sales includes India as well as China. We strive to exceed the expectations of our valuable clients and because of our sheer experience in Bulk Mineral business – our customers trust and believe in us - to be their effective “Mines to Market Solutions Provider”.

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