The promoter and founder of Gimpex, Mr. Shiv Prakash Goenka was born in Kolkata in the year 1940 and begun his business career in 1956. He has been widely acclaimed as a visionary entrepreneur with missionary zeal to achieve his goals.

His varied experiences in life have developed him into a “Multi Faceted Personality”.

To trace his meteoric rise in business, his career took of with his first induction into the family owned business of Goenka Mica Mines. Soon he made the organization one of the most reputable Mica Exporters, known and respected for its high quality and timely supplies..

From Mica, he moved to other fields. In 1958-60 it was trading in gems, precious and semi-precious stones, import of electrical goods etc.
He next moved into the real estate, property development, financing and import / export of chemicals during 1960-62. It was then the agro industry where he took strategic partnerships in tea gardens to develop tea exports during 1966-70. In 1970-72 he brought the establishment of cold storage facilities.

In 1972, he decided to shift his base from Kolkata to Chennai in the South of India, to establish his own company "Gimpex House" of business.

Initially it was a family partnership firm under the name and style “Gimpex Goenka Import and Export”, involved in import and export of minerals.

Apart from excelling in business he ventured into, it was his zeal to make an impact in international business, which made him incorporate and develop the Gimpex Group.
Since its inception in the year 1974, he has created an image of his group as the commitment to quality, performance and service. He created his owninfrastructures and opened the gateways for Indian trade with China and for the Oil drilling industries all over the globe. He met all the challenges of his life with patience, grace and with great discipline. In his business he is a man of belief, principles and performance.

His vision has always been to be with a company that is continuously growing as a world class Company having its mission, objective and core values as Optimism, Commitment, Continuous Development, Customer Satisfaction, Creativity and Innovation.

He thrives on challenges and converts them to success stories with Patience, Perseverance and Persistence. Unquestionably it is this trait that has made him a trail blazer and a front runner in the Entrepreneurial world.
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