GIMPEX is a mineral oriented company operating in the sphere of Industrial minerals including metallic as well as non-metallic minerals. It is a Multi-location, Multi-product Company and a Government of India recognized ‘Star Trade House’ with wide ranging activities spanning mines to markets. (‘STAR TRADE HOUSE’ IS A STATUS GRANTED BY GOVERNMENT OF INDIA TO COMPANIES FOR THEIR EXPORT PERFORMANCE )

The management’s philosophy is molded on a firm commitment to Quality, Performance and Service. Constant efforts to upgrade existing technology and products and a program of ongoing activities to develop new product lines help the company to sustain its Dynamism to achieve new goals.

‘Gimpex Minerals Private Limited’ was incorporated on 4th July 1974.
During the early years, it was concentrating on exports of Barite and Bentonite Lumps mainly intended for use in oil drilling operations. Seeing the growing demand and with value addition in view, the company started export of Barite and Bentonite in powder form by custom grinding.

Restriction on export of Barite during the period 1978-1982 led to a new orientation of Company’s business. It developed the expertise of Third Country Merchanting moving huge volumes of Barite from Thailand and China to its overseas clients.

The Company also started specializing in other industrial minerals like Feldspar, Quartz, Ball Clay, etc. used in Glass, Ceramic, Paper, Paint, Polymer, Refractory, Abrasives and other industries.

On 14th March 1985, to signify its diversified nature of business the word ‘MINERALS’ was dropped from the name and it became ‘GIMPEX Private Limited’.
It has steadily expanded its resource base in industrial minerals and other ores which is its core business through extensive geological field studies for various minerals like Feldspar, Bentonite, Quartz, Silica, Sand, Bauxite, Ball Clay, China Clay, Limestone, Dolomite, Garnet, Mica, Iron ore etc. It initiated action to acquire new mining concessions as also to get control over existing mining concessions available for transfer or tie-up.

During 1994 with the growth in size and stature of business the name and style underwent another change and till date it is called ‘Gimpex Ltd’.

Extensive research and development activities lead Gimpex to enter into the Cenosphere industry by incorporating Cenosphere India Private Limited (CIL) a 100% Export Oriented Unit and a 100% Subsidiary of Gimpex group in 2001.

CIL carries out in-site operations throughout India, with processing at Kolkata, India. CIL has an excellent team of qualified engineers and other supporting staffs who sincerely contribute to cost effective production for the best qualities of cenospheres.
In a short span of time since its inception, CIL with its commitment has earned itself the respect and title to be well known in the cenosphere industry as a responsible and reputable organization with international business standards and excellent quality control. CIL has set itself to harness the Country’s massive infrastructure to collect the material and to process it into a consistent product each time, every time.

In the year 2003 GIMPEX began its Iron Ore operations from the state of Orissa and later extended to the States of Karnataka and Jharkhand and within a short time established itself as a reputed Iron Ore Exporter. Gimpex has exported huge quantities of quality iron ore and continues to do so.

Gimpex Group also diversified its operations in the field of Dimensional stones under the name and style of Alliance Minerals Private Limited. Alliance Minerals Private Limited (Alliance Minerals) is a company with assertive objectives and inclination set to becoming a milestone company in the Dimensional Stone Industry. Dimensional stones include granites, marbles, travertine, slates and other stones used by the construction industry.

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