interNational presence
  • Gimpex Limited, India Group’s flagship Company engaged in the core business of minerals and ores.
  • Alliance Minerals Pvt Ltd, India To invest and operate own mining and processing facilities for dimensional stone business in India.
  • Alliance Andhra Pradesh Black Galaxy Granites Pvt Ltd, India A Joint Venture with Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation engaged in Black Galaxy granite operations
  • SPG Mining Pte Singapore Investment Company to promote and develop mining of industrial minerals in Asia
  • Alliance Minerals Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore Investment Company to promote and develop dimensional stone business in Asia.
  • N M Commodities Pte Ltd, Singapore Engaged in trading activities for the Group Companies.
  • Vietnam Alliance Minerals Company Limited, Vietnam A new venture in processing of marble and other dimensional stones in Vietnam
  • Alliance Hung Ocean Company Ltd, Vietnam A Joint Venture, marble mining company in Vietnam, mainly intended to function as a captive raw material source for the Groups processing facilities
  • Alliance Minerals Representative Office, Vietnam To coordinate all the activities of the different group companies in Vietnam and to act as a liaison office.
  • Alliance Minerals North America LLC, U.S.A Marketing arm for dimensional stone business of the Group
International PresenceInternational Presence
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